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1. This module uses VS1053B as the main chip, supports: MP3/WMA/OGG/WAV/FLAC/MIDI/AAC and other audio formats, and supports: OGG/WAV audio format recording, support for high and low sound adjustment and EarSpeaker space effect Settings, very powerful.
2. The module communicates with the external MCU through the SPI interface. The module can be directly connected to the 3.3V MCU system. It can also be easily connected to the 5V MCU system through the serial resistor. The module comes with a voltage regulator chip, and the external only needs to provide 5V/3.3V voltage, which is very convenient to use.
3. High-performance audio codec module, the module has rich interface and perfect functions. It only needs to provide power (3.3V/5.0V), and can realize music playback through the control module of single-chip microcomputer (8/16/32-bit single-chip). Or recording and other functions.
- Onboard VS1053B high-performance codec chip, supports many audio format decoding, supports OGG/WAV encoding.
- Onboard voltage regulator circuit, only need to provide a 3.3V or 5V power supply externally to work normally;
- Onboard 3.5mm headphone jack for direct insertion into headphones for high quality music;
- Onboard microphone (MIC), which can be recorded without an external microphone;
- Onboard IIS output, can be connected to an external DAC for higher sound quality;
- Onboard power indicator, power-on status at a glance;
- Adopt international A-level PCB material, immersed in gold processing, stable and reliable;
- Processed with new components, pure copper plated pin headers, sturdy and durable;
- User-friendly design, each interface has silk screen markings, which can be used at a glance; the interface position design is reasonable and convenient;
- The PCB size is 34mm * 52.6mm, with mounting holes, small and exquisite.
VS1053 MP3 Module Included:
1 x Codec chip VS1053B
1 x LINE IN/MIC selection interface
1 x Mic
1 x Power indicator (blue)
1 x 1.8V regulator chip
1 x 3.3V regulator chip
1 x IIS output interface
1 x Power supply and SPI control interface
1 x 3.5mm LINE IN interface for dual channel input recording
1 x 3.5mm audio output connector for direct insertion of headphones

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