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Material: synthetic fibre canvas
Surface: Professional R&D Patterns
Gain: 1.0
Visual angle: 160 degrees
Style: Simple curtain design, with black edges and perforations;
Usage: Kidnapping, nailing on the wall, pulling with rope, etc.
Main Uses: Household, outdoor movies, bars, Hotel stalls, squares, courtyards, churches, outdoor camping, tourism, etc.

1. This film curtain is based on the principle of old-fashioned film curtain. It can be folded, carried easily and washed in water. It is suitable for use in mobile or open-air places.
2. Synthetic fiber canvas. New domestic diffuse reflective canvas base materials have high whiteness, high projection brightness, good imaging effect, large viewing angle, washable and non-fading, foldable, easy to use, strong and durable, flat and elastic, and long-term use is not easy to yellowing. Unlike the cotton material of old-fashioned film curtain, the cotton material is easy to yellowish and bulky. This kind of curtain is light, strong, updated and of better quality.

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